Join-In Please


Good to see you here.

We come here a lot, because you never know who you’ll meet…and when you do, it’s kind of like, …a secret meeting place.


This area is like a hilltop retreat, with a mild refreshing breeze, … a place where the clouds are soft on the eyes. You can lay on your back, and just visualize your dream business coming together, …then it’s time to get to work : )

You know…it’s not a hiding place exactly, but a retreat where people come to consider possibilities , and enjoy doing so in a quiet and tranquil area… a place where they feel welcome.

A place where they feel invited, honored to some degree, and a place where their opinion is sought after… and speaking of that, there’s a book coming soon: Life-Style Entrepreneurial Realizations.

As a subscriber at FreedomScout,  you and your business can be in that book. Stay tuned, …because your thoughts and experience count!

Just sign in, sign-on, and get ready for a bigger wagon load of Entrepreneurial Freedom Related Goodies. The eBook itself will be available in just a couple of days: Go ahead and Join-In.

There’s a bonus surprise for your bravery and your trust.

Most folks don’t give it much thought, but I think there’s a true  difference between Joining-In and Joining-Up: What do you think.

Let us know, would you?

Being Truly Mindful Of Your Vision

Ray Hill
OutRider Marketeer
FreedomScout Sunrise